Real estate in Kalami area


Welcome to villa Kalami. A western style built dwelling, guest house and office. This piece of property is situated in a quiet area outside the village of Mastihari. A variety of views of the sea, surrounding islands, mountains and hills make the life experience on Kos a daily pleasure. Those who have Google Earth installed might want to 'fly' over to this location!

This site provides a variety of pictures and text to give some idea of this property. The experience tells us that only a real visit gives the best look and feel of this place.

We have divided the information in a few chapters (see left column):

  • This Introduction
    Including a rough picture on the topical context
  • Design
    The concept of this house, basic plans and 3D architectural impressions
  • Exterior
    How the house looks from outside
  • Interior
    How the house looks from inside
  • Facilities
    Mainly technical solutions to guarantee an easy living
  • Impressions
    A few pictures on the surroundings of this property and some snapshots of quiet moments
  • Contact
    Ways to get more information

Enjoy your tour around villa Kalami.

(all pictures, except the one on this page, you can click to magnify)

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