A walk around the house

What you've seen in the final drawings, now the real thing.

South east elevation

In the front the office, underneath is the garage.

Entrance elevation

A good view of the split level entrance, half way the basement level.

North east elevation

In the front the living room of the main house and the balcony.

Photography: VastJanszen

East elevation

View on the main balcony and underneath the sleeping rooms, bathrooms and study.

North elevation

From this balcony you have a panoramic view overlooking the sea and the islands of Kalymnos, Pserimos, Plati and the mainland of Turkey.

North north west elevation

As seen from the far end corner of the plot of land.

North west elevation

As seen from the top of the hill. Nothing but mountains and hills.

Photography: VastJanszen

West elevation

Head-on view of the guest house, at the right is the office.

South west elevation

In the back a view of the sea, all the way to Turkey.

South elevation

A clear sight at the entrance of the garage.

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